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Grow with us

Why you should join us

We believe we offer one of the best workplaces in the industry - a transparent and friendly workplace that promotes teaming; a supportive ecosystem that helps you grow; and a work culture that offers flexible work choices.

People leaders

Our supervisors are chosen carefully for their interpersonal skills and their ability to lead teams to success. They are trained frequently in leadership and communication skills. Our professional and transparent processes help our supervisors manage people to their strengths.

People friendly infrastructure

Our facility includes spacious lunch rooms, reading rooms, recreation facilities.

People programs

As transcriptionists we quite literally hold a patient’s life in our hands while on the job. We understand that responsibility and the stress it generates. Our workplace offers regular opportunities to de-stress with fun activities that include events, off-sites and team building activities designed to re-energize our people.

Opportunities for growth

If you’re passionate and professional, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to grow. You’ll get all the support and guidance you need to grow, but only you can choose how far you want to go.

Work from home

If you are a working parent, our work-from-home option will help you earn a regular income while giving you the time you need with your children.

Rewards & recognition

We recognize and reward high performers and other contributors who bring the perfect combination of work ethics and energy and enthusiasm to the workplace. Our rewards and recognition programs are held at regular intervals to celebrate the best qualities that our people bring to work every day.

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