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Technology has made our world a well-networked place. People no longer have to leave home in order to earn. We are proud to offer the work-from-home option to our people. That way, you get the best of both worlds: caring for your family and earning a steady monthly income.

Set your own hours

Working from home makes you your own boss. Within an established timeframe, you have the liberty to choose your working hours. What time of the day works best for you? Choose an option that’s convenient for you as well as the organization.

Beat commuter stress

Commuting daily to and from work can enhance stress levels and lower productivity. Working from home gives you the freedom to work from anywhere in the city without having to worry about the daily commute.

Be a hands-on parent

The greatest challenge that working parents face is finding reliable and affordable day care for their children. When you work from home, you can eliminate day care and be a more hands-on parent.

The opportunity to earn more

You have access to your “workplace” at all times. You therefore have the choice to increase your earnings if you need to without stepping out of your home.

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