Medical support services

We have a well-oiled team to undertake various back-end office services and our strength is adaptability, customization and improvisation to exactly fit into your process.  Our virtual medical assistants are well trained to not only document but also trained to verbally interact with patients as well as related services like following up on labs & refills. 


With Vishwa’s virtual medical assistance service, calling patients for scheduling appointments and updating patients on their lab results will be no longer a challenge to the facility staffs. You can also take our VMA service in calling Pharmacies for any prescription related issues. Our VMA’s call insurance companies to inquire about any issues related to billing such as denials or delay in the process of approvals.


VMA’s of Vishwa can do virtual check-ins using telemedicine solutions. We can also make arrangements for blood draws through the same telemedicine solutions by communicating with hospital personnel.


Vishwa’s VMA’s can check the insurance eligibility of the patients scheduled a day prior to their appointment and thereby we can make the billing process hassle-free. Our experts can also check for Medicare annual physical eligibility by crosschecking the details in the website.


Vishwa’s VMA team can help with properly arranging patients’ reports in PDF format received from outside facilities or laboratories in appropriate sections as needed for providers. This will help the providers easily access the reports when needed and save time.


Vishwa’s VMA’s are also experts in transcribing voicemails received from the patients or their relatives with their queries or for their appointment scheduling or rescheduling. We take care of these voicemails by sending the transcribed reports to the appropriate departments for their perusal and further actions.